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Electro Wet Cleaning ACE e-CLEAN
Cleaning or washing of Extra & High voltage electrical-electronic communication equipment on the energized situation

Electricity, electronics, and communication facilities in ships, factories, and buildings can clean in a running state.
Electricity and electronic equipment prevent electric accidents by 90 to 95% even if they clean well.

Insulation reinforced ACE e-CLEAN solution for stable operation, maintenance, accident-free of electrical, electronic, and communication facilities
22.9kv extra high voltage / high voltage MCC, Washing of small parts of computers and communication equipment, Easily and conveniently, safely anywhere without turning off the power

Click on the photo to view the photo before and after electric wet cleaning.

Cleaning method
  • Completely clean the relay, switchboard and motor by spraying ACE e-CLEAN without power off
Cleaning Effect
  • Preventing malfunctions by cleaning the Motor and PCB
  • Extend the life of various equipment and consumables, energy saving effect due to load reduction
  • By applying ACE e-CLEAN to prevent static electricity on the floor, the effectiveness of cleaning can be further enhanced.

Cleaning Characteristics
  • Dielectric breakdown voltage 26,000v or less
  • Excellent cleaning power, no residue remains
Cleaning Effect
  • Eliminate fire hazards
  • Malfunction prevention
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Efficiency increase
Cleaning Purpose
  • All products related to electrical, electronic, and communication facilities

Cleaning method
  • Sprays ACE e-CLEAN to remove dust accumulated on equipment and circuit boards
  • If necessary, it can spray without power off.
Cleaning Effect
  • Extend the life of the circuit board
  • Prevent equipment malfunction
  • Anti-corrosion effect of equipment due to oxidation of foreign substances

Examples of cleaning works

  • Insulation reinforcement ACE cleaning

  • Insulation reinforcement ACE cleaning

  • Insulation reinforcement ACE cleaning