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1 Operating System Development of the Outfitting Assembly for the Advancement of the Production Process of Shipbuilding and Offshore Plant The block shape is expressed in 3D so that experts can visually consider the possibility of collision in the discussion of assembly sequence, thereby reducing the possibility of errors. And by developing simulation tools and collision detection algorithms, we aim to shorten process time and reduce costs by blocking problems that may occur during assembly in advance. 2017.06.01~
2 Piping Coordinate Measurement Device of Shipbuilding and Offshore and Development of Modeling Support System Development to improve efficiency by improving the working time and understanding of workers by generating automatic production drawings by measuring the coordinates of piping ends and ends when installing shipbuilding and offshore plant block facilities and using the measured coordinates to plot on the model. 2018.06.08~
(Process Management System)
Shipbuilding and Offshore plant Change to Smart. Market pre-emption by reducing process time and reducing expenses 2018.12
4 Development of process pre-verification system and 3D input device for VR-based shipbuilding and offshore plant Development of an input device that allows field workers to easily adjustable 3D coordinates 2018.06.01~
5 Development of Disaster Safety Response System for Special Workshop such as Shipbuilding & Offshore Plant The developed technology is a technology related to disaster safety response (DSR) system for special workplace applications. In the event of a disaster, we intend to develop a system that monitors the movement of each crew in the situation room and monitors evacuation and evacuation personnel in real-time. 2018.11.30~
6 Development of Smart factory PLM system Through real-time sharing of 2D and 3D design data with workers, it is possible to increase productivity by reducing defect rates and maximize work efficiency by systemizing digital work order and work distribution. 2019.06.10~
7 Smart factory PLM system development By building a system for press mold manufacturing technology applied to automobiles of internal combustion engines, molding technology, and final EO drawing management and quality inspection of products in the manufacturing process of mufflers for commercial vehicles, it was an opportunity to improve external reliability. 2019.09.10~