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ACE Engineering & Technology


  • Certificate of Quality Management System

  • Certificate of Venture Business

  • Certificate of Company Affiliated Research Institute

  • Partner Company Designation of KIETC

  • Confirmation Statement of Min-Biz (Small And Medium Enterprise)

  • Certificate for Excellent Institution of Human Resource Development

  • - Confirmation Statement of Productivity Management System

  • Selection Statement of Leading Company

  • Designation Statement for Human Resources Development of SME

  • Certificate of Innovative SME (Inno-Biz)

Trademark Registration

Patent and Utility Model

  • Method for numbering standardization number of product and managing apparaus with numbering standardization number of product

  • System for management and controlling based in Process Real-time Monitoring

  • Management Systems and Methods of Process-Based Product Information

  • Uninterruptible Cleaning Device for Extra-High Voltage

  • System for managing product Abnormality uising Process real time monitoring

  • Method for providing the safety education service

Patent Application

  • Ace_77 Design Patent

  • Opimizing method for plant assembly process

  • Device of reflection mirror using eco-friendly energy

  • Three-Dimensional input device for three-dimensional viewer

  • Coordinate measuring device for pipe and modeling system including the same

  • Offshore floating body for wind power generation

  • Industrial site safety management method


  • Ace PRMS

  • Piping Measurement Modeling System

  • Ship Safety Training

  • Development of Face Recognition SW Using Open CV

Examination Report

  • Process Collaboration System V1.00

  • Process Collaboration System V1.00

  • 3D Mouse Performance Test